Something About Us

Welcome to the world of Science & Technology, AATWRI stands for AATechnoWorld Research Institute formulated & Initiated by Head of the Directorate Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera (AKB)
AATWRI is a system, which is very deliberately customized to provide Research Initiative to those who have Passion in Research & Development.

Welcome to our Institute

AATWRI is a part of Research & Development sector in the field of science & Technology we are providing research based internship in various fields like Astronomy, Aeronautics, Astrobiology, Robotics & also soon we are going to start our two new project houses for nuclear science.
We are providing Smart class room studies including practical work, technical tour with many Research Dignitaries, Scientists & Engineers of their respective fields.
In future we have planed magnificent research programs for our students.

Reasons to Choose Us


Field of Research



13.96 $

Fee Starting From

Who can Join Us

  • Class 6th - 10th
  • For 11th or 12th (special entrance exams are there)
  • BSC & MSC
  • Btech Students
  • Btech Holders

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Our Packages

INR 1963 /MonthBasic
  • 3 Month Access
  • Limited Courses
  • Limited Lab Facility
  • Research Kit
INR 3963 /MonthPremium
  • 6 months Access
  • Expanded Courses
  • Technical Tour (Additional fees required)
  • Research Involvement
  • Participation in Current Research project
  • Research Kit
INR 6963 /MonthAdvance
  • 9 months Lab Access
  • Unlimited All Courses
  • Technical Tour
  • Own Research Project Work
  • Research Kit
INR 9369 /MonthLifetime Membership
  • Lifetime Lab Access
  • Unlimited All Courses
  • Technical Tour
  • Own Research Project Work
  • Participation in Current Research project
  • Presentation on behalf of the org
  • Team Incubation
  • Research Kit