About Us

Something About Us

Welcome to the world of Science & Technology, AATWRI stands for AATechnoWorld Research Institute formulated & Initiated by Head of the Directorate Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera (AKB)
AATWRI is a system, which is very deliberately customized to provide Research Initiative to those who have Passion in Research & Development.

Vision of AATWRI:-

Just imagine u r in outer space far from your heavenly earth & the interesting fact is you are alone but somewhere in deep down inside there is a thought that someone has to be there with you, look how dangerous it is to be alone somewhere or to be with someone unknown. May be something unknown like this will knock our door soon, even after being the most evolved creature on this planet we are still unknown to the very nature of this existence of the creation .

Nature has a lots of thing hidden inside her glory let’s have a trip to revealed the secret with AATechnoWorld Research Institute

Mission of AATWRI:-

Here we live in a time in which we have completed 7 decades after independence but the significant change in India is very less still the Crown of Best education system held on the head of the Philippines & India is now in 60th rank of the Global Innovation Index . Yes India is growing in Economic, Tourism & Culture but still India is Developing country

SO It is the wish & desire of our director to Make such thing possible to make India fully developed country. So the students of this nation play a vital role in it. We have the 20% strength of world student population & we must agree that this 20% of students will be the 100% future of the humanity for next Generation we must look after it.

Not only to Research & find out something outstanding, AATechnoWorld also works to ingress enhancement in the field of Educational Research because the education system we have aimed to solve the problem of illiteracy, poverty & unemployment. However the way it works leads us nowhere close to the solution of the issues. Instead, the students are getting more and more money and score oriented. Thus the education system in our country needs a revolutionary change. We don’t have any issue with the great Education System but this is the most flexible time to change over this for the future generation possible.

Where the problem has solution in another way to go through, in between the completions of money, priority & power, the educational system & environment getting polluted day by day.

So AATWRI has a visionary leadership to have a revolutionary enhancement in field of Educational Research & Development. The way in which we are AATWRI welcomes you...............